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3D Photographers & Insured
FAA Certified 14CFR Part 107 Pilots
James W. Bandy | Phone: 214-908-1100

Jim Bandy, an FAA licensed Commercial Aircraft Pilot with single and multi-engine and instrument ratings in addition to 14CFR Part 107 UAS pilot, weaves decades of photography and flying together.

The interest in photography began in high school and led to working his way through UT Austin as the head photographer for The Daily Texan, Cactus yearbook, stringer work for AP and UPI and as a staff photographer at the Austin American Statesman.

After graduation, the US Air Forced beckoned and led to pilot training at Craig AFB followed by 5 years of service, separating  as a Captain to complete his Master of Science degree in Computer Science.

While working in IT management and raising a family, Jim built two homebuilt airplanes from scratch and immediately equipped them for photography with his Nikons.


Having transitioned to running his own IT companies, Jim began experimenting with the (then new) remote control helicopters, building his own sophisticated designs and equipping them with large cameras.  This led to aerial photography and video for small independent films and advertising as the FAA formalized the permissions for commercial work.

Adding Matterport 4K PRO 3D cameras equipped with an integral laser measurement system with 1 mm accuracy which creates high resolution 3D scans with perfect alignment expanded our services.  This increases the level of realistic detail that truly provides a 3D virtual tour that feels like actually being there!  "Fly-Through", infinite 3D dollhouse views and photographic floor plans are part of the experience.  We help realtors win listings and provide sellers with a 24 hour open house especially important in health-compromised environments.

The integrated laser technology also allows us to provide a "point cloud" data mesh especially useful to architects and space planners.  We have done hundreds of jobs for clients like Starbucks, Sunglass Hut, Chick-Fil-A, Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, Academy Sports and many others needing the unmatched precision metrics and detail.

Our experience with literally over 1000 jobs means we rarely encounter a situation we haven't seen before and solved successfully.  We work closely with each client to determine the scope of work and deliver a finished product which can be utilized in television advertising, social media, corporate presentations, training videos and other marketing needs.

Eric J. Warner | Phone: 469-989-3469

Eric Warner, an FAA certified 14CFR Part 107 pilot, has been fascinated by all things mechanical since childhood. While other kids read The Hardy Boys, Eric read Popular Mechanics.

The advent of high-quality aerial photography platforms brought flying radio controlled aircraft and photography together in one piece of technology. 


Having spent twenty-six years in the oil, gas and construction industries, Eric saw the usefulness of drone photography for commercial and industrial applications. Eric captures both still images and video footage for insurance, development and construction companies, as well as for the oil & gas industry, state and city departments of transportation and other government entities and private companies.

Eric's background and unique technical perspective give him an edge over other photographers because of his extensive knowledge and expertise in the industries for which he captures images. 

Aerial drone photography
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