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3D Photographer & Insured
FAA Certified 14CFR Part 107 Pilot
Eric J. Warner

Eric@sprocketaerial.com | Phone: 469-989-3469

Eric Warner, an FAA certified 14CFR Part 107 pilot, has been fascinated by all things mechanical since childhood. While other kids read The Hardy Boys, Eric read Popular Mechanics.


Riding and fixing 4-wheelers was an obsession until after the birth of his daughter, (whom he tried to convince his wife to name, "Sprocket"), but he found the hobby took too much time away from his family and was more dangerous than he liked, so he decided to sell the 4-wheelers to make room in his garage for a new hobby. 

Eric began researching remote controlled airplanes and the companies which supplied the parts.  Simple models soon became complex models capable of night flights and  recording video. Once each airplane was constructed and its flight mastered, Eric would build the next, larger, more complex and more advanced plane. This new adventure eventually connected him to another life-long passion: photography. The advent of high-quality aerial photography platforms brought flying radio controlled aircraft and photography together in one piece of technology. 


Having spent twenty-six years in the oil, gas and construction industries, Eric saw the usefulness of drone photography for commercial and industrial applications. Eric captures both still images and video footage for insurance, development and construction companies, as well as for the oil & gas industry, state and city departments of transportation and other government entities and private companies.


Additionally, the acquisition of a Matterport 3D camera allows Eric to produce stunning virtual tours that include "fly-through" technology, a 3D dollhouse view, and an overall floor plan of the property. This unique technology allows Sprocket to help realtors win listings and provide sellers with a 24 hour open house. 

Eric's background and unique technical perspective give him an edge over other photographers because of his extensive knowledge and expertise in the industries for which he captures images. 

Eric works closely with each client to determine the scope of work and delivers a finished product which can be utilized in corporate presentations, training videos and other marketing materials.

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