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Why a Branding Video?

Branding videos are an excellent way to showcase a property, but more importantly, to showcase the realtor. Remember the sellers are buying into Keller Williams, REMAX, Ebby Halliday, or a million other Real Estate firms, they are buying into the Agent. The agent markets the home, connects buyers, and ensures the seller’s property is marketed properly. What’s the best way to showcase a home and show off the agent? Branding Videos!

Branding videos should start with a photographic description of the Realtor including contact information. The video should move to some moving shots of the house and a brief description of the property including the address. Next, showcase some interesting facts about the house and the area surrounding the location. Is there a park nearby? A community pool? World-Class shopping? Let the seller know you’ve done your homework. These facts should play out over a dynamic view of the inside of the home. While this information is being shown, the realtor’s logo should be present. This allows that connection to marketing and showing off the realtor’s brand.

Lastly, includes some readily available statistics about the home. How close to shopping or gas stations? Where are hospitals and pharmacies? This information can be obtained from websites like “List Reports”.

The video should end with a note about calling for listing appointments and a final slide showing the photographic description and contact information for the realtor. It’s that simple! For a sample of an excellent video, click here:

Contact Sprocket Aerial Imaging & 3D Photography about how we can help you enhance your brand and win that next listing!

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